Artist / Künstler: ARE MOKKELBOST


Sentralen is a new house of culture located in central Oslo, and opened March 1st 2016. Two buildings, one of which is was Oslo´s first official bank, has been stripped down to their skeletal structures, joined by extensive steel stairs and furnished with the essentials for a flexible office environment. Add to that practice rooms for electric and acoustic music, several concert venues, a dance stage, bar, restaurant and café. Sparebankstiftelsen commissioned 5 artists to make work for Sentralen, allowing the artists to choose the location. The other artists are Vanessa Baird, Jan Christensen, Hanne Friis and Camilla Løw.

Two Times and Leash are glass window designs made from water cut, mouth blown glass, glued on clear glass and mounted in steel frames. The frames consist of two hinged halves, forming a gate that can be opened into the room.

The designs can be described as computer drawings of paper cut-outs. Flat, two-dimensional shapes are cut and folded, each side with a different color or image. The opacity of the glass is varying between dark, saturated colors in clear glass, and brighter colors in opaque glass, so to balance the experience between looking at the image inside and through the window onto the busy street outside.
The glass is from Lamberts Glas in Waldsassen, Germany. It was cut by Waterjet Norge AS, assembled by Norsk Kunstglass AS and mounted in steel frames from Bolt Metall AS. Prototyper AS made crates for handling the glass and helped making the prototypes.


Norwegen, Mokkelbost Are, Fassaden, Glaswände


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