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Facade at Westmark Ltd.

Country: Great Britain
City: Bristol
Artist: Kate Maestri
Execution: Glasstudio Derix Taunusstein
toughened glass fully laminated with LambertsGlas® [more]

Church Mother Teresa of Kalkutta

Country: Italia
City: Bozen
Artist: Christoph Hofer
Execution: Glasstudio Derix Taunusstein
double faced glass art with printing and etched LambertsGlas® [more]

Station of Gandia

Country: Spain
City: Gandia
Artist: Pilar Belmonte
Execution: Glasstudio Derix Taunusstein
LambertsGlas® acid etched and painted [more]

Rutgers University

Country: USA
City: Camden, New Jersey
Artist: Mac Adams
Execution: DERIX ART GLASS Consultance
LambertsGlas®, acid etched and airbrushed, laminated on safety glass [more]

Window in Naumburger Dome

Country: Germany
City: Naumburg
Artist: Kuzio, Thomas
Krypta: glass melting color painting on genuine antique glass, opal
Taufkapelle: glass melting color painting on genuine antique glass, sandblasted
Execution:  [more]

Various doors

Execution: DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein

Mouthblown Lamberts glass, various techniques [more]


Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Riyadh
Artist: Derix Glasstudios

Mouthblown Lamberts glass, leaded stained glass [more]


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