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Nursing home Holzgerlingen

Country: Germany
City: Holzgerlingen
Artist: Ursula Huth Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, etched, with LED-lighting [more]


Country: USA
Location: Saint Augustine
Artist: Kenneth Leap
Photos: Jeff Weisberg

Mouthblown Lamberts glass, painted, etched, polished and laminated to safety glass  [more]

Dulles Station Office Park

country: USA
location: Herndon
artist: Guy Kemper

Mouth blown Lamberts glass, acid etched, painted and laminated to safety glass [more]

Clearwater International Airport

Country: USA
Location: Saint Petersburg (Florida)
Artist: Guy Kemper

Mouthblown Lamberts flashed glass (blue and opal on clear), acid etched, sandblasted, painted [more]

Ev.Luth. Maria-Magdalenakirche

Country: Germany
Location: Hannover
Artist: Axel Kawalla

Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, leades stained glass, acid etched [more]


Country: Germany
Location: Paderborn
Artist: Tobias Kammerer
Execution: Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn

Mouthblown Lamberts glass, laminated on safety glass [more]

Gemeindezentrum Bad Godesberg

Country: Germany
Location: Bad Godesberg
Artist: Christiane Grimm

historical windows, special isolating glass painted width real antique glass color [more]

Thoraxklinik Heidelberg

Country: Germany
Location: hospital chapel (Tabernakel)
Artist: Christiane Grimm

Mouthblown Lamberts glass [more]

Bedford Library

Country: England
Location: Bedford
Artist: Martin Donlin
Execution: Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn

Mouthblown Lamberts glass, etched and laminated to safety glass [more]

The John Dory restaurant

Country: USA
Location: New York
Artist: Michael Davis
Photo: Jennifer Liseo

Mouthblown Lamberts glass [more]

Hospital chapel

Country: Germany
Location: Regensburg
Artist: Heidi Bayer-Wech

Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, variour techniques, laminated to safety glass [more]

Wellness Wall

Country: Germany
Location: Munich
Artist: Franz Anderl

Mouthblown Lamberts glass, lit from behind [more]

Wall lamps

country: Germany
Artist: Mark Angus

LambertsGlas®, mouthblown flashed glass, acid etched, painted and backlit  [more]


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