Country: Japan
Site: Hakata Station, Fukuoka
Artist: Gyoji Nomiyama
Size: 7,5x2,5m
Completion: March 2011
Planning and Fabrication: CREARE, Japan [more]


Country: Japan
Site: Sendai Legal Affairs Bureau, Miyagi
Artist: Louis Fransen / Ikuto Yamaki (CREARE)
Size: 1,2x5,8m x 2
Completion: February 2011
Planning and Fabrication: CREARE, Japan [more]

The Blue Sky above the Clouds

Country: Japan
City: Naritayukawa Station, Narita Sky Access
Artist: Osamu Shinohara / Katsushi Nagumo
Size: 8,8x4,4m
Execution: Juli 2010
Planning and Fabrication: CREARE, Japan [more]

The Traveling Blue World Map

Country: Japan
Site: Narita Airport Station, Narita Sky Access
Artist: Nuit Sano
Size: 5,9x2,8m
Completion: July 2010
Planning and Fabrication: CREARE, Japan [more]


Country: Japan
Site: Ibaraki Airport, Ibaraki
Artist: Louis Fransen
Size: 6x3,2m
Completion: Januar 2012
Planning and Fabrication: CREARE, Japan [more]

Private House in Moscow

Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Artist: Kalinitsch Andrej
art glazing with mouthblown roundels [more]

Freie Glasbilder

"Freie Glasbilder"
Artist: Mendoza, Celia [more]

The Metropolitan Cathedral

Country: Brazil
City: Brasilia
Artist: Niemeyer, Oscar
mouthblown LambertsGlas®, different blue shades and opal white flashed glass [more]

"Fire and Water" Fire Station #37

Country: United States of America
City: Houston, Texas
Artist: Smith Jeff
Dimensions: 4.8 m w. (both sides); 5.3 m h.
mouthblown LambertsGlas® , leaded stained glass   [more]

Fontain with mouthblown LambertsGlas®

Artist: Eilert, Jochen
mouthblown LambertsGlas® & steel [more]

"The Spiritual Kiss"

Artist: Julian Podmore
mouthblown LambertsGlas® , painted, leaded [more]


Country: Czech Republic
Artist: Kanta, Jitka & Richard
mouthblown LambertsGlas® , leaded stained glass [more]

Mosaic in Stift Heiligenkreuz near Vienna

Country: Austria
City: Stift Heiligenkreuz near Vienna
Artist: Dyroff Klaus-Peter
Mosaic with mouthblown Lambertsglas® [more]

Jisandong Catholic Church

Country: Korea
City: Jisandong
Artist: Park Mi-Ae
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® , leaded stained glass [more]

Frederiksberg Gymnasium (High School)

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen - Frederiksberg
Artist: Malene Landgreen 2004
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]


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