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Wirbelwerk, 2012

Coutry: Gemany
City: Munich
Artist: Olafur Eliasson

Stainless steel, stainless steel mirrors, coloured glass, HMI lamps
Installation view at Lenbachhaus Munich, Germany 2013
Courtesy of Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstba München
© 2012 Olafur Eliasson... [more]

Window in Naumburger Dome

Country: Germany
City: Naumburg
Artist: Kuzio, Thomas
Krypta: glass melting color painting on genuine antique glass, opal
Taufkapelle: glass melting color painting on genuine antique glass, sandblasted
Execution:  [more]

Apartment, Waldsassen

Country: Germany
City: Waldsassen
Artist: Andreas Hartl
Lamberts® flashed glass, sandblasted and laminated to safety glass. [more]

St. Bonifatius

Country: Germany
City: Hamm
Artist: Mendoza, Celia
Execution: DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein
mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]

Reconstruction of the Josef Albers windows, Grassi museum, Leipzig

Country: Germany
City: Leipzig
Artist: Josef Albers
Execution: Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn

Mouth blown flashed glasses, carved and black stain painted.
Picture 1 and 2: Helga Schulze-Brinkop, Leipzig
Picture 3  to 7 :... [more]

Schloss Ludwigsburg

Country: Germany
City: Ludwigsburg

restoration of the windows with mouthblown windowglass restauro®

Booth at the Eurobike trade fair, Ghost-Bikes

Booth at the Eurobike trade fair, Ghost-Bikes [more]

Standkreuz im Karmelitinnenkloster, Vilsbiburg

Country: Germany
City: Vilsbiburg
Artist: Claudia Krämer-Marloh
mouthblown LambertsGlas, Stained glass [more]

Generalvikariat Paderborn

Country: Germany
City: Paderborn
Artist: Prof. Johannes Schreiter
Execution: Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn

Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, leaded stained glass [more]

Kreuzgang Bürgstadt

Country: Germany
City: Bürgstadt
Artist: Kranich, Volker
mouthblown LambertsGlas® , leaded stained glass [more]

Hotel Adlon

Contry: Germany
City: Berlin
Artist: Kranich, Volker
glass ceiling with mouthblown LambertsGlas® [more]

Window in the production hall of Glasfactory Lamberts, Waldsassen

Contry: Germany
City: Waldsassen
Artist: Clobes, Karl
mouthblown LambertsGlas®, leaded stained glass  [more]

Matthäikirche Düsseldorf

Country: Germany
City: Düsseldorf
Artist: Prof. Thomas Kesseler
Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, Leaded Stained Glass
Pictures: Tomas Richle [more]

"Medienflut", Mediathek Oberkirch

Country: Germany
City: Oberkirch
Artist: Manuela Bijanfar

mouthblown LambertsGlas®, leaded stained glass [more]


Country: Germany
Location: private home, Kleinweiler
Artist: Susanne Wolf

Mouth blown Lamberts glass, painted and laminated to safety glass [more]


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