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Mikan, Mikan and Mikan

Country: Japan

Site: Matsuyama Airport, Ehime

Artist: Kyoji... [more]

[Translate to English:] Inochi-kagayaku Yaima

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Land: Japan

Ort: Ishigaki Airport, Okinawa

Künstler:... [more]

St. Nepomuk

Country: Germany
City: Letzau bei Weiden in der Oberpfalz
Artist: Max Fischer
Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, leaded stained glass, sandblasted [more]

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Country: United States of America
City: Boston, Massachusetts
Artist: Paul Housberg
Execution: DERIX ART GLASS Consultance
mouthblown LambertsGlas® white-opal laminated on mirror [more]

Nursing home Holzgerlingen

Country: Germany
City: Holzgerlingen
Artist: Ursula Huth Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, etched, with LED-lighting [more]

Station of Gandia

Country: Spain
City: Gandia
Artist: Pilar Belmonte
Execution: Glasstudio Derix Taunusstein
LambertsGlas® acid etched and painted [more]

"Atarashi Asa" private house in tokyo

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Artist: Yoshie Hanada
Size: 97x33cm
Finishing: 1999 [more]

Rockefeller Center

Country: USA
Location: New York
Artist: Michael Hammers

mouthblown LambertsGlas®, combined with Swarovski crystals


St. Bonifatius

Country: Germany
City: Hamm
Artist: Mendoza, Celia
Execution: DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein
mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]

Mosaic in Stift Heiligenkreuz near Vienna

Country: Austria
City: Stift Heiligenkreuz near Vienna
Artist: Dyroff Klaus-Peter
Mosaic with mouthblown Lambertsglas® [more]

Frederiksberg Gymnasium (High School)

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen - Frederiksberg
Artist: Malene Landgreen 2004
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]

Aalborg Airport

Country: Denmark
City: Aalborg
Artist: Malene Landgreen 2001
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]

Interdiciplinary Nanoscience Center at Aarhus University

Country: Denmark
City: Aarhus
Artist: Malene Landgreen 2012
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]

"Tango", Children's Hospital of Alabama

Country: United States of America
City: Birmingham, Alabama
Artist: Guy Kemper
Execution: DERIX ART GLASS Consultance
Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, double flashed etched and painted
Photographer: James... [more]

"Leaf" , Bailey Residence Hall, Michigan State University

Country: United States of America
City: East Lansing, Michigan
Artist: Guy Kemper
Execution: DERIX ART GLASS Consultance
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® ,double flashed selenium and yellow on white, etched and painted [more]


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