Church St. Nikolaus, Wolfsbach (Bavaria); restauro®IR as hexagon-shaped stained glass to protect the baroque altar from the 18th century; installation 2016


Mouthblown protection glass against infrared-radiation with a protective effect integrated into the glass structure itself. Therefore it manages without any coating or externaly applied foils. In the spectral range of 780-1500nm it decreases effectively the thermal load on sensitive surfaces of precious artistic and cultural assets.

Historical objects, furniture or room setups if striked by daylight are inevitably exposed to the thermal impact of infrared radiation. The consequences are irreparable material damages in the form of accelerated deterioration and desiccation. A steady temperature change provokes simultaneously expansion and contraction motions in the surface and thereby tensions, fissures and flaking paint layers. The entry of radiation into rooms occur particularly through window openings. Ordinary glass can not provide any protection.


UV Protection by restauro®IR

The mouthblown special glass restauro®IR decreases however the passage of infrared rays up to 80%. The filter effect is induced by the glass components itself wherefore the glass manages without any externally applied or laminated protection foils or coatings. In this way it is possible to install restauro®IR in narrow rabbets of historical windows as a single glass panel with a thickness of 2-3 mm. In common with every other glass from Lamberts restauro®IR can also be processed to stained glass. The protection-glass restauro®IR as an all-anorganic material is enduring and ensures an interminable protection. With it’s typical slight distortions this glass fits visually perfect in the structure of historical buildings and redounds at the same time in an aesthetical way effectively to the preservation and preventive conservation of precious artistic and cultural assets.


Datasheet restauro® IR

Please download the datasheet restauro® IR here or click on the image to download it!


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