This type of glass is mouth-blown and a special kind of LambertsGlas®. The characteristic features of a pronounced reamy texture include occasional bubbles floating in “frozen currents” of glass, creating lively movement within the sheet.


The active, pronounced texture of Reamy-Glass is achieved by adding glass shards of a special kind to the pot of molten glass shortly before taking the gather out. The further stages of production are in conformity with those of the Clear and Coloured Glasses.

Reamy Glass with strong movement in the glass and an "ox-eye" in the upper section

Technique and Colours

Reamy-Glass is usually produced in bright tints in order to show the textures to their fullest advantage. But almost all the shades of the exclusive Lamberts colour palette are available. In addition, the shaping of the air-bubbles, also called “ox-eyes”, can be varied.

The size of a sheet is approx. 60x90 cm, its thickness amounts to approx. 3 mm. All the sheets are delivered with their edges still intact. Small variations in the dimensions occur due to the handmade production of the individual sheets.

Fields of Application

Sheets of Reamy-Glass are often incorporated into door- and window-panes to let light pass through while preventing inquisitive eyes from disturbing people’s privacy. The glasses can also be used as furniture panels.

"Definition of Danziger glass"

"Danziger glass" (Reamy - glass) is a mouth blown flat glass with a pronounced movement and a windy texture. It can have big bubbles ("ox eyes").
"Danziger glass" is named after glass pieces found at the excavations site of the Marienkirche (Church of mary) in Danzig.

(definition, please see: "glass and glass products", Albert W. Fröhler)


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