Opal and Opaque Glass

Opal and Opaque Glasses are semi-transparent and/or non-transparent and transform the crossing light into a damped, diffuse flare. Special glass composants added to the mixture of the glass provoke the opacity. Worked in the flashed glass technique this milky glass in the shape of a thin layer on clear or coloured basic glass is available in panel sizes of about 60x90cm. Whether unicoloured, multi-coloured or marbled Opal and Opaque Glasses are suited to art works in windows and doors with inhibited view as well as backlighted wall installations.

opaque flash on clear basic glass; non-transparent
opal flash on clear basic glass; semi-transparent
stormy opal flash on clear basic glass; partially transparent and semi-transparent

BIOMEDICUM „Glass-Light-Wall“

architect: C.F. Möller Architects

studio: DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein in co-operation Arne Fiedler Lightsolutions

location: Solna / Schweden

For the new construction of a laboratory building for Karolinska Institutet Akademiska Hus instructed us to manufacture a customized glass. For the “Glass-Light-Wall” which should not look architectonic and beautiful only but be functional as well we produced a complex double-flashed glass with marbled shading. To complete the four facades 1.914 sheets of LambertsGlas® have been processed to a laminated glass in the size of 550x880mm each to be installed in a very clever assembly and lighting fixture.


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