Flashed Glass

This type of specially produced mouth-blown sheet glass is given their tint not simply by adding colour to the batch. Their colouration is created by means of the flash technique: The clear or tinted carrier glass is overlaid with one or two layers of coloured glass thus opening almost unlimited possibilities of variation.

Consequently, multicoloured „flashes”, even curves and slight shadings as well as cloudy and „torn“ open glasses can be produced. White milk glasses of opaque or opal quality which allow light to shine through but prevent inquisitive eyes from invading people’s privacy offer another large field of applications.


As a molten gather, the substance later to be called „flash” is first brought to the blowpipe. Here the shape is instrumental in bringing about the appearance of the flash. A round balloon produces a uniform flash, a pearshaped gather creates a shaded flash, and small notches a torn flash. The molten carrier glass is then applied over the small gather and blown into a cylinder shape. During the process of blowing, the appearance of the flash is kept under control. After completion of the glass cylinder, the remaining stages of production are identical to those of the Clear and Coloured Glasses.

The shaping and colouring process of the flash requires deliberate control, experience and craftsmanship on the part of the glassblower.

Technique and Colours

A cross section of Flashed Glasses

The size of a sheet is approx. 60x90 cm, its thickness is approx. 3 mm. All the sheets are supplied with their edges intact. Small variations in the dimensions occur due to the handmade production of the individual sheets. Due to the special annealing process, the Lamberts Flashed-Glasses are easily cut and processed.

The Flashed-Glasses vary greatly in shape and colour and are available in an almost unlimited variety of styles.
Their classification ranges from the uniform flash with minimal shading, cloudily shaded and torn flashes to multicoloured milk glasses and a special collection of striped Streaky-Glasses.

Mixed Glass
Marbled, selenium oranged and opaque white on clear
Graduated shading, red on clear
dipped shading, blue on clear
Graduated shading, red and blue on clear
Stormy blue on clear
Variegated shading, red on yellow
Dappled, blue and yellow on clear
Twisted, blue and opaque white on clear
Striped multicolored
Ribbed shading, blue and opaque white on clear
Gently shaded, red on clear


The images show a whole plate and shall give a first general impression over the various possibilities of Flashed-Glasses. The size of the particular sheets is approx. 60x90cms, its thickness is approx. 3mm. Unfortunately, the printing technique doesn't enable an exact display of colours.


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