Crown Bullions / Glass

Crown Bullions, also known as Crown Glass or Bullseye Glass, is perfect for detailing doors, sidelites, transoms, windows, and cabinetry. It can also be used to glaze entire openings and partitions to bring a period-sensitive elegance and daylight while obscuring views and offering privacy.

Crown Bullion Glass displays subtle concentric rings emanating from an ornamental bullseye center. We have rediscovered the mouth-blown production methods necessary to guarantee the historic accuracy of this glass.

The Crown Bullion Glass production process begins with a gather (a ball) of semi-molten glass on the end of a blowpipe, which is gradually blown and opened outwards like a “crown.” It is then transferred from the blowpipe to a pontil, or “punty” iron rod, opened and flattened through reheating and spinning it rapidly. The outer parts of the disc are trimmed, and the remaining ornamental bullseye center becomes a decorative element for windows, doors, sidelites, and transoms.

The unmistakable handmade quality of Lamberts® Crown Bullion Glass, its original production methods, consistency, and delicate beauty make it a refined choice for historic restoration and detailing of traditional buildings and furniture.


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