GLASS WINDOWS Sentralen is a new house of culture located in central Oslo, and opened March 1st 2016. Two buildings, one of which is was Oslo´s first official bank, has been stripped down to their skeletal structures, joined by extensive steel stairs and furnished with the essentials for a flexible office... [more]

Catholic Church - Nabawi shrine Jeonbok Iksan-si

Catholic Church
Country : South Korea
City : Nabawi shrine Jeonbok Iksan-si
Artist : Jong Hee Choi
Master : Jin Kook Choi
Studio : Antonio Glass
Stainedglass window including Glass painting with
mouth-blown LambertsGlas [more]

Architectural Glass Feature: 1415 Louisiana | Houston, TX

Artist: Paul Housberg - As part of a modern lobby renovation at 1415 Louisiana in downtown Houston, this architectural glass feature is created from custom, mouth-blown Lamberts glass in blues, whites and ambers. The art glass is mirrored on the back to create depth, and the ambient light within the space. The work is inspired by reflections and... [more]


Petra Eichenberger
Bodenacker 34
3065 Bolligen
031 918 03 00



technique: each wooden (gold plated) box 5 layers of flashed glass dimensions:  87x57x12cm
Year: 2016
sponsored by Dannerstiftung München Studio: Werkstätten Gustav van Treeck, Munich [more]

Mother of Good Counsel Church in Innisfail

Country: Australia
Artist: Gerry Cummins & Jill Stehn Pty. Ltd.


Skulptur „Amoeba“

Artist: Thomas Medicus
Photos: Philipp Medicus
Studio: Tiroler Glasmalerei [more]

Leica Museum

Country: Germany
City: Wetzlar
Artist: Alfons Alt
Studio: Derix Glasstudios Taunusstein [more]


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