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Lamberts-Glass is glass with a soul. We are the only manufacturer in Germany who still uses traditional methods to produce window glass: Mouth-blown glass is worked into flat panels in a complex procedure. We even manufacture coloured glass, so-called ‘streaky glass’ or ‘flashed glass’, by hand.

Our manufacturing methods result in glass with a specific structure, making it particularly suitable for use in historic preservation or glass art. Whether it’s the magnificent windows of the Dresdner Frauenkirche or modern glass artworks in the Rockefeller Centre - Lamberts Glass adds a special touch to old and new buildings alike.

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Lamberts: Traditional production methods

With a workforce of around 70 employees, our glassmaking company produces Lamberts-Glass in our factory in Waldsassen by hand, using a complex process. Glass is first smelted from sand, soda and lime, then coloured and finally blown into balloons. These are made into cylinders which are then reheated in the oven and finally formed into sheets.

The effort is well worth it, since this method results in the production of glass with unique properties: Small air bubbles and an uneven surface form an ideal basis for historic preservation work as well as glass art. We are not only bound by tradition but also by sustainability: We obtain our materials locally and continually invest in the improvement of our processes and our technical equipment.

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Clear and Coloured Glasses
Mirrored ( silvered ) LambertsGlas®

What types of glass can Lamberts produce?

Lamberts Glass stands for high brilliance, a unique brightness, a subtle and yet unique structure as well as high quality and cutting ability.

We produce glass according to individual customer requests and are able to deliver more than 5000 colours. Our particular specialities are the following glass types:

LambertsGlas® - exceptional quality

Our commitment to the almost forgotten craft of glassmakers has won widespread recognition. Among other awards, our glassmaking company has been declared an intangible cultural heritage by the Bavarian  government. We are also a member of the ‘Initiative Deutsche Manufakturen’ (Handmade in Germany) and have won a prize in the ‘Land der Ideen’ (Land of Ideas) competition, which was set up by the federal government. We have found a unique way to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern ideas and we are proud of our products.

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