Church Bergheim

Country: Austria
City: Bergheim/Salzburg
Artist: Markus Ertl
Execution: Glass Art Studio, Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Mouthblown LambertsGlas®, Stained glass, painting, etching, as insulation glass (with single-layer saftey glass)



Bürgerpitals-Kirche Waidhofen/Ybbs

Country: Austria
City: Waidhofen/Ybbs
Artist: Markus Ertl
Execution: Glass Art Studio, Waidhofen/Ybbs

mouthblown LambertsGlas®, Stained glass, Painting, Etching



"Octagonal Chapel", Our Lady´s Immaculate Heart Catholic Church

Country: United States of America
City: Ankeny, Iowa
Artist: Smith Jeff
Dimensions: 27,9m²
mouthblown LambertsGlas® , leaded stained glass [more]


Frederiksberg Gymnasium (High School)

Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen - Frederiksberg
Artist: Malene Landgreen 2004
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]


Interdiciplinary Nanoscience Center at Aarhus University

Country: Denmark
City: Aarhus
Artist: Malene Landgreen 2012
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® , laminated on safety glass [more]


"Leaf" , Bailey Residence Hall, Michigan State University

Country: United States of America
City: East Lansing, Michigan
Artist: Guy Kemper
Execution: DERIX ART GLASS Consultance
Mouthblown LambertsGlas® ,double flashed selenium and yellow on white, etched and painted [more]


Sainsbury´s Supermarket CMK

Country: Great Britain
Artist: Howse, Mel
Architect/Developer: Q2 Architects with Abbeygate Developments
Execution: DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein
Ennamelled and toughened glass with mouthblown LambertsGlas®, acid... [more]


Reconstruction of the Josef Albers windows, Grassi museum, Leipzig

Country: Germany
City: Leipzig
Artist: Josef Albers
Execution: Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn

Mouth blown flashed glasses, carved and black stain painted.
Picture 1 and 2: Helga Schulze-Brinkop, Leipzig
Picture 3  to 7 :... [more]


"The Light"

Country: Switzerland
City: Rüschlikon in Canton of Zurich
Artist: Fritz J. Dold

Individually custom built: LambertsGlas® , various techniques [more]


Orangerie Festschloss, Hof

Country: Austria
City: Schlosshof
Execution: Tischlerei Kranz, Schwanenstadt

restoration of the windows with mouthblown windowglass restauro® [more]


Schloss Ludwigsburg

Country: Germany
City: Ludwigsburg

restoration of the windows with mouthblown windowglass restauro®


York Minster

Country: Great Britain
City: York
Artist: York Glaziers
Conservation of the York Minster Great East Window
mouthblown LambertsGlas®, leaded stained glass [more]


Southwark Cathedral London

Country: Great Britain
City: London
Artist: Breidfjord, Leifur
Window, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of her majesty Queen Elisabeth II.
mouthblown LambertsGlas®, leaded stained glass   [more]


Panoramachapel CITes

Country: Spain
City: Àvila
Artist: Claudia Krämer-Marloh
Execution: DERIX GLASSTUDIOS Taunusstein
mouthblown LambertsGlas®, laminated on safety glass [more]


Egå Gymnasium

Country: Denmark
City: Egå
Artist: Malene Landgreen
mouthblownLambertsGlas®, laminated on safety glas [more]