Table-Cathedral-Glass is not a sheet glass produced by means of mouth-blowing. To the contrary, it comes into existence through the pouring of molten glass onto a table top of special design, then rolling and flattening under a cylinder. The name is a compound consisting of „table”, an essential part of the production machinery, and „cathedral”, referring to the window glazing of medieval churches. Apart from the blowing of glass the rolling out of the molten glass is the second traditional method of sheet glass production.

The front surface of the Table-Cathedral-Glass is different from that of the back surface: The fire-polished front has a smooth and slightly grooved texture whereas the back (table-side) is structured by a hammered pattern. Occasional irregularities spread over the surface of this handmade glass are certainly a sign of their genuineness.

Original Lamberts-Table-Cathedral-Glasses have the same fine quality as all our other products. As a matter of fact originality, brilliance and texture of these glasses can only be achieved by expert craftsmanship deeply rooted in tradition.


The molten glass is ladled from the pot, poured onto a special steel table and rolled flat under a cylinder. The structure of the sheet cannot be entirely attributed to the table or the cylinder. The typical surface of Original Lamberts-Table-Cathedral-Glass results from a difference in temperature between the molten glass and the steel table as well as the consistency of the glass itself.

Technique and Colours

The standard size of the sheets is 60x88 cm. They are approx. 3 mm thick and may also be ordered in special sizes up to 88x180 cm. Thanks to a special annealing process, Lamberts-Table-Cathedral-Glass has excellent cutting properties and can be easily processed.

The traditional colours are bright tints and clear. A special single colour production is possible. Our extensive collection of samples is comprised of 30 standard colours.

Fields of Application

These glasses are generally used for the restoration of windows in churches of different styles, including those of the Art Nouveau period, during which time Table-Cathedral- Glass was the primary glass for domes and windows, glass doors and conservatories. These restorations are carried out in strict accordance with the original.


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