restauro® - Genuine Window Glass

Genuine Lamberts Restoration Glass is specially crafted traditional window glass to meet the requirements for renovation of old buildings, the preservation of historical monuments and restoration of antique furniture.

Until the early 20th century, all window-glass used to be  manufactured by gaffers with blowpipes. Glashütte Lamberts has preserved these production techniques and provides the authentic charakter of historic window-glasses until today.

Mouthblown original Lamberts Restoration Glass is an indispensable part of every glazing restoration, that requires the original air of historic windows.

LambertsGlas restauro® is available in the following varieties:

restauro® Light 2 mm
Without any mold our craftsmen form the glass cylinder by blowing in the blow pit. This gives restauro® Light its smooth surface. Slight distortions and subtle, occasional reams are its prominent feature. Beside the use as window-glass, we recommend restauro® Light 2 mm for furniture-restoration and -glazing.
Sizes: ca. 85 x 100 cm
Thickness: ca. 2 mm


restauro® Light 3 mm
restauro® Light 3 mm has similar optical properties to restauro® Light 2 mm. Its thickness of 3 mm is suitable for insulation glasses with sizes up to 80 x 85 cm.
Thickness: ca. 3 mm


restauro® Classic 3 mm
Manufactured in old tradition, restauro® Classic 3 mm resembles the authentic look of window glasses from the 17th and 18th century. The distortions in its appearance are pronounced and especially suited for glazings of colonial-style windows and as part of insulation glass for better thermal insulation.
Sizes: ca. 60 x 90 cm
Thickness: ca. 3 mm


restauro® Waldglas
Waldglas is the German term for mouthblown window-glass with a slight greenish coloring that is typically found in original, ancient window glass. restauro® Waldglass can be produced on request as both, restauro® Light and restauro® Classic.


restauro® Extra
For customers that set a stronger value on authenticity we ask our glass-blowers to pay special attention to creating that special look that is typical for original glazings. Distortions are stronger and reams more frequent. Features that mimic glass being produced under much harder conditions, as it was a 100 years ago.
Sizes: ca. 85 x 100 cm
Thickness: ca. 2 - 3 mm


restauro® UV
restauro® UV is the only UV-protection glass where the filter is directly integrated. There is no film, no coating, no lamination. restauro® UV filters daylight and protects against UV-rays below 400nm. restauro® UV is available in approximately 60 x 90 cm (3mm thickness) and 80 x 90 cm (2mm thickness). It can be used for traditional lead glazing as well as double glazing and laminated glass.

Datasheet restauro® UV

Please click on the image for download the datasheet!

Datasheet restauro®

Please click on the image for download the datasheet!

Mouth Blown Windows Glass

"Definition of Goetheglass"

The former name of "restauro® - Restorationglass® is Goetheglass"
'Goetheglass' is a mouth blown window glass. It has a light movement and occasional bubbles. The name comes from its use in the 'Goethehaus'
(birth house of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) in Frankfurt.

Gold medal for highest quality


At the Denkmal 2008 - European Fair for Historic Preservation and Restoration, Lamberts Restoration Glasses were awarded the gold medal for achievement of excellence in European Historic Preservation.

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