The result of unsurpassed craftsmanship, mouth-blown LambertsGlas®

has a trademark of its own. In short: The body of the glass, the special texture and transparency as well as the glowing colours are of an individuality which gives them an unmistakable identity.

Characteristics of genuine mouth-blown LambertsGlas®:

  • Surface structure: Distinct, yet unobtrusive.
  • Seediness: Many small bubbles spread in an orderly and circular way.
  • Brilliance: Optimal light refraction creates a sheet of glass that begins to shine when exposed to light.
  • Transparency and body: Fine glass can have a subtle effect, yet retain its independent character.
  • Cutting properties: The quality of LambertsGlas® is highly appreciated by those who work with this precious material.
  • Diversity: The almost unlimited variety of glasses leaves nothing to be desired.
  • Service: Fulfilling the individual wishes of the customer is a matter of course for our firm and a distinguishing mark of Glashütte Lamberts.