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restauro® UV

Press release

German glass manufacturer offers innovative glass with built in UV protection. No film, no coating.

Glashütte Lamberts Waldsassen, Germany today introduces mouth blown UV protection glass “restauro ® UV” (patent pending) to the market.

The glazing of the apse of Stadtkirche Wittenberg (UNESCO world heritage, where Martin Luther preached) is almost finished. About 40 m² of restauro ® UV protect the famous Lucas Cranach altar dated 1547 from harmful UV rays. restauro ® UV reliably blocks almost 100% UV rays up to 400 nm. The finished glazing shows the typical texture of mouth blown glass with a light tone.

York Glazier Trust recently commissioned the protective glazing of the East Window to Lamberts. Excellent protection against UV rays, a life time typical for glass plus the fine texture made the decision for restauro ® UV easy.

restauro ® UV sustainably keeps the protective features without fading or color change.

Processing restauro ® UV is similar to other mouth blown glass products from Glashütte Lamberts.

In addition to our internal quality control, each production batch is analyzed by an independent laboratory before shipping.

This brand new Lamberts product is an outstanding combination of modern UV protection with the genuine appearance of mouth blown glass for listed buildings, churches, museums and picture framing.

For more details on the technical properties, please refer to the datasheet.

Individual customer requirements are serviced directly by members of our customer support staff. Product demonstrations can be arranged on site. In the second phase of market introduction restauro ® UV will become a standard offering for our dealers.