An Obligation to the future.

Mouth-blown LambertsGlas®:
A Product with Respect for the Environment.
Glashütte Lamberts Waldsassen is a company with a strong
commitment to eco-friendly glass production. The factory
invests in advanced green manufacturing technologies and
carefully selects environmentally conscious business partners.
Glashütte Lamberts is a family owned company with genuine commitment to
sustainable products. Lamberts has been practicing their
own strict environmental policies since the 1970‘s, years
before Germany established industry-wide regulations for
environmental protection. It is one of the first glass factories to reduce air pollution with the installation of sophisticated
air filtration equipment. Lamberts‘ flue-gas filters capture and eliminate heavy metal emissions produced during the glass
melting process. The main raw materials (sand, soda, and limestone) are sourced from regional companies to minimize
long transport distances and to reduce the final product‘s carbon footprint. Their most recent efforts improved the firing
technology of the furnaces to further increase efficiency and conserve energy.
Lamberts continues its commitment to sustainable development with the active research and implementation of new
environmentally sensitive processes and technologies. Future developments include increased conservation of fresh
water through water recirculation and treatment within the plant, as well as a rooftop array of photovoltaic cells to
supplement the factory‘s electrical requirements.

LambertsGlas® is much more than glass and product innovation.
It is a product dedicated to environmentally sensitive, eco-friendly life.


Founding of the "New Glass Manufactory" and construction of the listed production hall.


Joseph Lamberts buys the derelict (by the economic crisis) glassworks and reactivates the flat glass production.


After a three year break in production (caused by the Second World War) the production of blown flat glass is resumed.


Award "Bavarian State Award in Gold"


"Gold Medal – Award: Monument - for excellence in heritage conservation in Europe"


The Meindl family buys the traditional business and Hans Reiner Meindl directs the glassworks as Owner and President.


Glass street Award


Award "Environmental Award 2010"


Award "Germany - Land of Ideas - Selected Landmark"


Award "Innovation Award 2011" for the newly developed double glazed units (Restoration glass: restauro®)


"Culture Award: Preservation Oberpfalz, 2011"


Construction of a new melting furnace (Reiner Meindl when knocking in the vault keystone)


Award „Denkmalpreis der Hypo-Kulturstiftung 2012“