By the perfect detail to the whole thing

The bond with the tradition of making glass is the basis for Glashütte Lamberts, Waldsassen. So we are able to add a nicer environment for people with our glasses.

Original Lamberts Glasses are a much valued substance for experts all over the world. The result of unsurpassed craftsmanship, mouth-blown LambertsGlas® has a trademark of its own. In short: The body of the glass, the special texture and transparency as well as the glowing colours are of an individuality which gives them an unmistakable identity.

Produced through the art of traditional glassblowing, Clear and Coloured Glasses, Restoration-Glasses, Crackled-Glasses and Reamy-Glasses, Flashed Glasses, Streaky-Glasses, New-Antique-Glasses and Genuine Rondels of Lamberts Glass are guarantors of first-class glasses.

Glass as a material has been in existence for 7000 years. For some 2000 years man has possessed the knowledge and skill to blow glass. Window glass has been produced for 800 years. Glashütte Lamberts began production of mouthblown sheet glass more than 75 years ago.

Many of our products have changed through the ages. But some remain as they were, as change might deprive them of their “soul”.